Who Can Apply ?

Loan Term ?

Maximum Loan Amount

Candidate must be Indian Citizen.

Must have Secured Admission in India or Abroad through Entrance Exam/Test.

The age limit for students is between 18 to 35, However in some institution there is no restriction in Age of a Student.

Candidate must be pursuing Graduate/Post Graduate Degree Or Post Graduate Diploma.

Co-Applicant/Co-borrower Should be above 21 years of age .

Co-Applicant /Co-borrower can either be Parents/Guardians or Spouse/ Parents-in-law.

Repayment starts when the course is completed, However Loan Terms differ from bank to bank, which can be :

  • Course Period + 1 year or 6 months after getting job.
  • Generally the repayment period is 5 to 10 years but can be extended upto 15 years.

There are various prepayment options available such as course prepaying the loan after the EMI's have begun, Students also have the option of keep paying interest on the principal amount before the EMI's are due to begin.

Without Collateral

  • For domestic study banks provide upto 4 lakhs.
  • For study in abroad maximum limit is 7.5 lakhs.

With Collateral

  • For Domestic study maximum limit is 10 lakhs, while for study in foreign country maximum limit is between 20 to 30 lakhs.

(In exceptional cases customers can get upto100% of agreement value), for details apply for a Home Loan Now

Education Loan

Education loan is a unsecured loan which helps students to pay for their post secondary education, It is a amount of money one can borrow from financial institutes to finance higher studies and associated fees , this includes tuition fees, books and supplies, living expenses etc. The amount borrowed by lender has to be repaid with a rate of interest.

Types of Education Loan

Undergraduate Student Loan

Undergraduate Education loan can be availed by students who have completed secondary education and want to take a three or four year course.

Professional/Graduate Student Loan

Professional or Graduate student loan can be availed by students who wish to go for higher studies or advanced degrees at countrywide colleges. Student who wish to avail this loan must have completed undergraduate course.

Career Education Loan

Career education loan are for students who wish to attend the undergraduate career oriented programs across the country.

For Student (Borrower)
For Student (Borrower)
  • Application form dully filled and signed
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Pan card , Aadhar card, Passport
  • Latest Utility bill or bank account statement as residential proof
  • Birth Certificate or SSC passing Certificate as age proof
  • Admission letter from institute
  • Copy of complete fees schedule
  • Marksheet or Passing certificate of
    • SSC/HSC
    • Degree Certificates (if any)
    • Entrance Exam Certificate (if any)
    • Scholarship Documents (if any)
  • Visa Approval and Travel Documents
For Co-Borrower
  • Co-applicants form fully signed and doller.
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Pan card, Aadhar card, Passport
  • Latest Utility bill or bank account statement as residential proof
  • For self employed individual, Office proof will be required such as Title deed, Utility bill, Rent Agreement.
  • 12 months bank statement
For Co-Borrower
Income Proof
Income Proof
  • For salaried , Latest 6 months salary slips along with 2 years form 16
  • For Self Employed or others , CA Certified IT Return of last 2 years


As name suggest it is simply means that repayment of part or full amount of the loan before it’s officially due. it offers an alluring proposition: By paying what you owe early, you are reducing the amount of interest you owe to the lender, which can save you good chunk of interest in the long term.

Benefit Calculator

Balance Transfer

When your current rate of interest is higher than current market rate it is advisable to switch from one lender to another, usually lender offer lower interest rate and/or more flexible features. Interest component on your home loan is higher in first 5 to 6 years so it is advisable to do through analysis of saving and cost you will incurred with balance transfer.

Offset Calculator

Offset Balance Loan

You can reduce the effective rate of interest on your home loan by stashing extra funds you have in to your transaction account which is linked to your home loan account. In this the account’s balance (or a proportion of that balance) is ‘offset’ daily against your home loan balance, and as a result you’re only charged interest on the difference between the total loan balance and the amount offset.

This means the lender charges you less in interest because they are not charging you interest on the full, actual remaining balance of your loan.